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About Thought Waves

Thought Waves is the South African agent for Thought Technology, the world's leading biofeedback and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Our products include clinical grade and portable instrumentation from 1-40 channels, coupled with a wide range of software, educational programs and biofeedback supplies.

Our biofeedback and neurofeedback systems are recognized as the standard of excellence by psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists and researchers throughout the world. Self-regulation therapy with biofeedback offers the practitioner a non-invasive method of addressing stress-reduction, attention-deficit disorder, PTSD, anxiety and many other mind-body imbalances.

Physiology Suite
Physiology Suite
Physiology Suite
General Biofeedback
Physical Rehabilitation
Thought Waves presents the Thought Technology Infiniti product line of hardware and software packages. They have been designed to maximize your investment. Click on a solution above to get started.

The Infiniti 5.1 Training Workshop 2010

Thought Waves hosted the Infiniti 5.1 Training Workshop November 1st-5th, 2010 in Johannesburg presented by Frank De Gregorio, Software IT Specialist, Thought Technology, Montreal, Canada. This was a specialized bio/neurofeedback training course giving BCIA* credits for each day of attendance. The focus was on the Infiniti hardware & 5.1 software and how to get the most out of your equipment within your chosen field of practice.

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New Products

Captivating Games for Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Muscle Rehabilitation

BioFun is an innovative and entertaining way to benefit from Infiniti's biofeedback technology!

BioFun Games make physiological training fun and challenging!

A newly released software add-on for BioGraph Infiniti, BioFun consists of a series of video games and toy interfaces to help your clients become healthier by teaching strategies of self-regulation and developing voluntary control while having fun!

Polar EKG Reciever

The EKG Receiver for Polar™ belt is a new sensor designed by Thought Technology that can detect the heart rate of a user from the Polar™ transmitter belt that the user wears around the chest.
  • Wireless transmission.
  • Less prone to artifacts so you have freedom of movement.
  • Slim, light and designed for all weather conditions
Reaction Time Suite

The Reaction Time Suite is the newest BioGraph Infiniti suite just released by Thought Technology. It provides highly accurate measurements of reaction time, and includes two distinct parts: continuous performance testing (CPT) and sports-related reaction time training.

CardioPro HRV Module

Cardiopro Infiniti is a specialized off-line HRV analysis module for BioGraph Infiniti, which installs as an add-on to an existing BioGraph Infiniti system - and provides users with reviewing and analysis capabilities for HRV sessions that were originally only available in specialized software programs and in the previous CardioPro software.


International certification is now within reach! BCIA is now the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance

The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance, formerly The Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA), is the only institute recognized worldwide granting Board Certification to biofeedback practitioners. BCIA was established in 1981 with the mission of protecting the general public by establishing strict standards for biofeedback practitioners. In March 2010, the new name was formally adopted to reflect the global identity.

Durban Homeboy Tim Harkness celebrates a year of success as a Sports
Psychologist with Chelsea football team

Tim's own biofeedback team specializing in Optimal Sports Performance is Bruno De Michelis (AC Milan) and the MindRoom concept. The MindRoom was envisioned and developed by Thought Technology's enthusiastic Larry Klein!

Under pressure: What big games do to players and how they cope

Nothing feels normal when the whole world's watching. You're in the NBA Finals, playing the most important game of your life, and things don't feel right. You don't know why, buts you damn sure know they don't. "Everything is magnified," explained Dr. Leonard D. Zaichkowsky. But it's not just the fact that there's a title on the line: "There's going to be different lighting, the music will be even louder, and there's just more attention." And yet, you've got to perform. It's Zaichkowsky's job to help you do that....

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback at the Vancouver Olympics 2010

Canada's top secret initiative -OWN THE PODIUM - involved the use of the latest in high-tech training. The biggest secret was the use of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback to train athletes to develop the ability to rapidly switch between a relaxed state and a super-focused state without wasting any physiological resources...

SHAPE Magazine Article - Pelvic Floor Panaceas- Minding Your Pees and Loos

At forty-two I’m supposed to be supremely female. I’m supposed to run with the wolves. But how’s a girl to run with the wild pack if she leaks pee when she does. I’m supposed to be peaking, not leaking! I should be in control, not bloody incontinent. The very term evokes images of my beloved nana who, at 97, could quote Keats at the drop of a hat, but who always had a vague smell of pee about her. Not an alluring scent.

Online Training Courses from Thought Technology Course Schedules

Thought Technology offers continuing education and training via online courses, accredited by the BCIA. For more detailed information about the training courses and how to register or to view upcoming course schedules, select an item below.

Introduction to Biograph Infiniti Online Course

Thought Technology Mini Course

Biograph Infiniti Z-Score Online Course

Biograph Infiniti HRV Online Course

Developer Tools Level 1 and 2 Online Courses